Creative Computing

Creative Computing

Creative Computing

About the Creative Computing Team at IDSC

Creative computing explores a world of expressive possibilities using code and design to shape the world. This interdisciplinary field coalesces computing with other disciplines centering around the intersection of computing and research design in an interdisciplinary context.

At IDSC, the team engages in the following areas of creative computing:

Immersive Media
Meaningful use of immersive technologies to leverage the transformative power of VR and AR in education, training, and simulation to healthcare and storytelling,

Creativity, Machine Learning and AI
Explores how this foundational technology of the 21st century can be used in the arts, humanities, communication, and social sciences.

Human-Computer Interaction
Explores how emerging technologies affect our behaviors and impacts products, services, and culture.


Kim Grinfeder



Kim Grinfeder
Director, Creative Computing
Department Chair and Associate Professor | Interactive Media, School of Communication

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Digital Twins Lab



Maria Cadena
Maria Cadena | VR Architect

Andrea Lustgarten
Andrea Lustgarten Fischbach
UI Designer

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Whit Redgrate | Software
Developer + Point Cloud Wrangler
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Emilie Duran | Software
Developer + Interaction Designer
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Rouchen Tan
Software Developer

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Yunting Zhao | Software
Developer + Interaction Designer


Nicolas Alberti
Nicolas Alberti
Systems Administrator

Ching Hua Chuan
Ching-Hua Chuan
Manouj Govindaraju
Manouj-Kumar Govindaraju
Software Engineer

Amin Sarafraz
Amin Sarafraz
Research Asst. Professor