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Extended Reality, Fall 2022

2022-23 XR Faculty Awards Request for Proposals: Letter of Intent due 9/23

by Helen Gynell

August 30, 2022

What will the future of your field look like?

XR applications (virtual, augmented, mixed, and spatial reality) have been continuously evolving, leading to discoveries in several areas.  In order to promote XR scholarship and innovation on campus, the 2022-23 XR Award will pair you with a team of XR developers to design and develop or prototype an XR app that will further your teaching, research, or creative scholarship.

We are looking for creative, innovative, and promising ideas across a range of disciplines. This award sponsors work that will lead to new research and will help maximize XR’s potential across the arts, business, healthcare, humanities, natural sciences & engineering, and social sciences.

The application to participate in UMXR 2022-23 will require a letter of intent (LOI) that is due on September 23rd, 2022. Funding is available for up to ten applications with a ceiling of $10,000,00 dollars per application.

Learn much more about the process here.

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