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Fall 2022, Visualization

“Information Everywhere” Data Visualization Workshop 10/3-7 with Santiago Ortiz

August 30, 2022

IDSC is pleased to welcome the return of Santiago Ortiz. As featured in a past Data Citizens lecture, Santiago likes to use his background in mathematics and complexity sciences to push the boundaries in information visualization and data-based storytelling. Join us for this special week-long workshop series on Interactive Data Visualization.

Spring 2021, Visualization

Alberto Cairo Becomes Series Editor for AK Peters Visualization Book Series

February 1, 2021

The “AK Peters Visualization [Book] Series” aims to capture new developments, and to summarize what is known over the whole spectrum of visualization by publishing in a broad range of formats. The series will contain books from all subfields of visualization, including visual analytics, information visualization, and scientific visualization, and will largely follow the calls […]

Fall 2020, Visualization

PCORI Awards Evidence Map Depicting Impact of Social Needs Interventions on Health Outcomes

September 18, 2020

Data specialists at IDSC are collaborating with national consulting firm MDB, Inc., in designing and developing an interactive evidence map displaying the impact of social needs interventions on health outcomes. “Our multidisciplinary UM team will effectively translate scientific findings and data into a visual evidence map to help physicians, researchers, and health insurance systems see […]