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Fall 2022, Visualization

“Information Everywhere” Data Visualization Workshop 10/3-7 with Santiago Ortiz

by Helen Gynell

August 30, 2022

IDSC is pleased to welcome the return of Santiago Ortiz. As featured in a past Data Citizens lecture, Santiago likes to use his background in mathematics and complexity sciences to push the boundaries in information visualization and data-based storytelling. Join us for this special week-long workshop series on Interactive Data Visualization.

Monday-Friday, 10/3-7 | 1:00-5:00 PM daily | Register

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Parking:  Pay by Phone parking is available for visitors between 8:00 a.m. and 11 p.m. (Current rates are $2/hour and $10/day.) Enter from US1 side and drive up the ramp.
This week-long workshop is free and open to the public.

Information Everywhere

Information at the beginning of the Universe, on its most fundamental quantum properties, the genesis and keeper of an arrow of time, at the birth of life and enabling its evolution, at the core of all forms of cognition and intelligence, in the stories humans tell, and, everywhere and every time, surrounding us. Information is everywhere, but not just as data points on ever-growing datasets. Information is much more, subtler, wider, more omnipresent, more fundamental and more relevant to us than we have been told in the era of big data.

The objective of this workshop is to experience information in more comprehensive and diverse ways, through exploration and experimentation, observing and discussing multiple realities in which information is present, and through collaborative creation of projects. Each of the 5 days we’ll be looking at different aspects of information and in different fields of knowledge, from physics, cosmology, and cellular biology, to how the transmission and transformation of information generate intelligence. We’ll look at how humans radiate information and what can we do to gather and use it for our benefit (as opposed to just let others to do so). We’ll run some creative or explorative activities and challenges, such as trying to measure hotness in spice sauces, measure speed of nervous signals in our bodies, or how do we resemble each other when it comes to film preferences. Along the way, attendees, individually or in groups will be creating projects that use data and information.

Line Up

Day 1 | Monday 10/3: Information Everywhere: an overview of many realities where information plays a key role. What’s information? We´ll look at different ways to start answering this question.

Day 2 | Tuesday 10/4: Data Human Dimensions, an overview of what information means to humans, how we are constantly radiating it, what is its value, and what we can do with it.

Day 3 | Wednesday 10/5: Intelligence. There are as many forms of intelligence as ways information is transferred and transformed. Intelligence is Information having fun.

Day 4 | Thursday 10/6: Data as a way to communicate and express ourselves. We’ll use data to be creative, communicate ideas or learn about ourselves.

Day 5 | Friday 10/7: Projects day, we’ll make progress with the already started projects, and share ideas to improve them.


About Santiago Ortiz

Santiago Ortiz, Chief Data Officer at DrumWave, is a mathematician, data scientist, interactive visualization developer, and inventor, who creates digital experiences that help people solve complex problems with data. Santiago develops interfaces that allow for exploration, combination, deep understanding, and decision making based on large, diverse, and dynamic datasets. He also has experience as a teacher, digital media artist, interactive data visualization researcher, product leader, and entrepreneur. Back in 2012, Santiago started working as an international consultant, helping organizations analyze data and develop information communication strategies—particularly in the United States. And then, in 2016, he co-founded DrumWave in California. As an artist, and as a researcher in the areas of interaction design and information visualization, Santiago’s work has been exhibited in multiple cities in North America, South America, and Europe. His project portfolio may be viewed at


CATCH THE REPLAY (video) of Santiago’s September 2021 IDSC Data Citizens: A Distinguished Lecture Series talk.

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