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Fall 2020, Leadership

Data Science for Everyone

by Richard Westlund

September 18, 2020

from the deputy director

Data science is rapidly becoming an essential discipline for students and adults. Understanding the construction of datasets, the use of analytic tools, and the assumptions that go into computational models are vital skills in science, business, and the humanities. In atmospheric and marine science, for example, data science tools are helping us improve hurricane forecasts, and better understand the impacts of sea level rise and climate change.

We believe data science needs to be more than a “black box,” accessible only by computational experts with years of specialized training. Instead, Data science concepts and skills need to be offered to students of all ages, from middle and high schoolers to college and university students, to adults in a wide range of professions.

In the past year, our educational program has taken important steps in that direction, as the Center for Computational Science (CCS) has been incorporated into the Institute for Data Science and Computing (IDSC). This fall, we are offering a new Master of Science in Data Science program. While initially offered through our virtual learning platform, this graduate-level program will include an internship experience with our industry partners. We are also planning a new undergraduate course, “Data Science for Everyone,” designed to introduce UM students to this fascinating, evolving field.

Please join us on this journey as we strive to make data science literacy an essential aspect of 21st century society.


Ben Kirtman, PhD
idsc deputy director
director, idsc earth systems


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