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Earth Systems, Fall 2023

Trio of Grants Awarded to Study El Niño and its Role in Wildfire and Flooding Prediction

August 26, 2023

When Ben Kirtman started researching the meteorological phenomenon known as “El Niño” in 1993, few knew what it was and even fewer foresaw what that research could lead to. Now, 30 years later, Kirtman and an ever-growing team of collaborators have not only helped make El Niño a household name, but they’re starting to use […]

Fall 2023, From the Deputy Director

Inaugural IDSC Day 9/28 and New Faculty Hires

August 26, 2023

from the deputy director Please plan to attend our first annual “IDSC Day” on Thursday, September 28, in the great room of the new Frost Institute for Chemistry and Molecular Science building. It will be an exciting face-to-face celebration that brings together faculty, staff, students, and industry partners, and marks the formal introduction of the […]

From the Deputy Director, Spring 2023

New Faculty and New Grants Bring Innovative Ideas and Fascinating Research

January 18, 2023

from the deputy director The new year marks an exciting period at the Institute for Data Science & Computing, with new faces joining the team and a new round of IDSC grant winners who will further our mission to use the power of computing to bolster a wide range of academic pursuits across the University […]

Fall 2022, From the Director

New Recruits Represent a Defining Leap Forward for IDSC

August 30, 2022

from the director I am pleased to share with you a look back at a year’s worth of exciting progress at IDSC, as told by writer Alan Gomez, who offers a glimpse at where it might take us . . . A computer science prodigy who started college at age 12 and received his PhD […]

Fall 2022, From the Deputy Director

CALL FOR PROPOSALS for IDSC “Expanding the Use of Collaborative Data Science” Grants

August 30, 2022

from the deputy director As Big Data, artificial intelligence, and machine-learning systems become more integral and integrated parts of our lives, the moral and ethical questions surrounding those advances become all the more important. At the Institute for Data Science and Computing (IDSC) we recognize those concerns and want to help find the answers. That’s […]

Earth Systems, Fall 2022

Applying a Diverse Lens to the Atmospheric Phenomena Affecting El Niño and La Niña

August 30, 2022

For forty years, climate scientists have been trying to develop a computational model that accurately predicts the El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) phenomenon. But that work has stagnated in recent years with only minor, gradual improvements to their predictions.

Data Science, Fall 2022

How the Pandemic Revealed a Knowledge Gap in Data Science Education

August 30, 2022

Alberto Cairo, a University of Miami expert on data visualization, has been encouraged by the data visualization techniques used by news organizations, researchers, and government agencies throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost overnight, they started cranking out graphics, tables, charts, and interactive databases that showed Americans the number of infections, the location of hot spots, positivity […]

From the Deputy Director, Spring 2022

IDSC Grants Explore Data Ethics and Social Processes

January 29, 2022

from the deputy director Big data, sophisticated analytics, and deep learning tools help drive advances in the sciences, medicine, architecture, the arts and humanities, and many other academic disciplines and commercial sectors. Today, a growing number of researchers are drawing on these powerful resources of the Institute for Data Science and Computing (IDSC) to probe […]

Earth Systems, Spring 2022

Computing Resources Drive Ground-Breaking Rainfall Study

January 29, 2022

A new study has identified connections between oscillations in the Gulf Stream and long-term rainfall expectations in the Southeastern U.S.—a finding made possible by the supercomputing resources at the University of Miami Institute for Data Science and Computing (IDSC).

Events, Spring 2022

Catch the Replay: IDSC Spring 2022 Town Hall on Expanding Resources

January 29, 2022

On  January 13, 2022, we held a Town Hall meeting showcasing IDSC’s broadening advanced computing resources, systems and data engineering services, workforce development and educational programming, as well as our research focus areas, outreach, events, and engagement opportunities.

Fall 2021, From the Deputy Director, Grants

New Faculty Positions and Funding Opportunities to Promote Data Science

August 30, 2021

from the deputy director Proposals Sought for IDSC Data Science Grants If you are exploring social, behavioral, and ethical issues, now is the time to apply for IDSC’s grant program, “Expanding the Use of Collaborative Data Science at UM.”  We are now seeking proposals on using data science to foster breakthroughs in a variety of […]

From the Deputy Director, Spring 2021

IDSC Launches New Grants Programs with 6 Interdisciplinary Awards

February 1, 2021

from the deputy director To support data-intensive scientific projects in multiple disciplines, IDSC has launched new Grants Programs, with awards to six University of Miami researchers. Our goal is to advance scientific knowledge through collaborative projects that can benefit from our institute’s powerful computation and analytic resources. In addition, these grants demonstrate the growing importance […]

Fall 2020, Leadership

Data Science for Everyone

September 18, 2020

from the deputy director Data science is rapidly becoming an essential discipline for students and adults. Understanding the construction of datasets, the use of analytic tools, and the assumptions that go into computational models are vital skills in science, business, and the humanities. In atmospheric and marine science, for example, data science tools are helping […]

Extended Reality, Fall 2020

The U Experience Magic Leap Campus Tour

September 18, 2020

By combining their creativity with powerful computing tools, University of Miami (UM) graduate students Maria Aguilar and Manouj Govindaraju crafted an extended reality (XR) application to welcome incoming freshman. Now, campus newcomers will be able put on a Magic Leap 1 set and ‘walk’ through the campus, learn about academics, athletics, and other topics, and […]