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IDSC Membership, Spring 2023

Want to Collaborate With us?
Become an IDSC Member!

by Helen Gynell

January 18, 2023

The Institute for Data Science and Computing (IDSC) catalyzes discovery through data by providing intellectual leadership and resources to support the development and deployment of pioneering computational methods. Membership is open to UM or outside faculty with an interest in interdisciplinary research.

We invite you to request membership through a formal application and review process. Membership is free, awarded for three years, and is renewable.

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Membership Criteria

All criteria are not required for consideration:

  • Demonstrated interest or scientific activities in the data science or computing
  • Demonstrated research activity in any of IDSC research focus areas
  • Active/proposed peer-reviewed or non-peer-reviewed funding in research with a data science or computing component or relevance
  • Data science or computing-focused publications

Member Benefits

Members are entitled to these benefits, depending on membership level, resource availability, and program prioritization:

  • Access to IDSC resources
  • Access to a community of participating scholars for collaborative interests
  • Qualify to apply and receive funding for innovative ideas
  • Proposal review and feedback on planned data science-related grant submissions
  • Administrative support for grants and contracts in data science-related research and proposal submissions
  • Research exposure on the IDSC website and in other IDSC publications

Member Responsibilities

Depending on membership level, Members may be expected to support some of these IDSC activities:

  • Actively participate in IDSC activities including research programs and working groups
  • Work collaboratively with primary members, other IDSC scientists, and researchers on problems related to data science or computing
  • Contribute to IDSC’s infrastructure platforms via the business service model




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