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Fall 2023, From the Director

Accelerating IDSC’s Growth Trajectory

August 26, 2023

from the director   This has been a remarkable year for the Frost Institute for Data Science and Computing (IDSC) and our growth is accelerating in many ways. First, core faculty has grown significantly, including several joint appointments with the School of Communication and College of Engineering.

Advanced Computing, Fall 2023

New Research Support Services Team Extends IDSC’s Reach

August 26, 2023

A new Research Support Services team at the Frost Institute for Data Science and Computing (IDSC) will help University of Miami users and the private sector “connect the dots” in their research and development projects. “This an important outreach step for IDSC, making our advanced computing resources and expertise available to a wider field of […]

IDSC Membership, Spring 2023

Want to Collaborate With us?
Become an IDSC Member!

January 18, 2023

The Institute for Data Science and Computing (IDSC) catalyzes discovery through data by providing intellectual leadership and resources to support the development and deployment of pioneering computational methods. Membership is open to UM or outside faculty with an interest in interdisciplinary research.

Fall 2022, Systems and Data Engineering

Collaborative Drone Project Facilitates Miami-Dade County Project to Map Human Activity

August 30, 2022

Christopher Mader laughs when thinking about his first test runs with drones. It was seven years ago and the data scientist at the University of Miami’s Institute for Data Science and Computing (IDSC) was constantly frustrated by the finicky, crash-prone devices. “It was almost a coin toss whether it would come back in one piece,” […]

App Development, Fall 2021

App Prototype Provides Access to Early Childhood Education Resources

August 30, 2021

A prototype mobile application has been created in the ongoing Sant La/Early Childhood Education Resources project. This app is designed to provide Haitian-American families in northeast Miami-Dade County with access to early childhood education resources.  The initiative is a collaborative partnership with Sant La Haitian Neighborhood Center, which provides a wide range of services to […]

Fall 2021, Systems and Data Engineering

IDSC Software Engineering Services

August 30, 2021

The IDSC Software Engineering team are professional software engineers who actively seek collaborative partners for new and innovative software application and systems development projects. The team has developed applications and software systems to support work in clinical research, drug discovery, genomics, mapping and urban planning, observational biology/ecology, and the digital humanities. IDSC Software Engineering offers […]

App Development, Spring 2021

Partnership Provides Access to Early Childhood Education Resources for Haitian-American Families

February 1, 2021

For two decades, Sant La Haitian Neighborhood Center has been a vital community resource for Haitian-American families in the northeast corridor of Miami-Dade County. Now, Sant La is making it easier for parents to access early childhood education resources while boosting their digital technology skills in a new partnership with the University of Miami Institute […]

App Development, Fall 2020

xSAT Outbreak Tracking + Early-Detection Platform Launched

September 18, 2020

IDSC has developed a first-of-its-kind early-detection platform for COVID-19 that will enable local residents to self-report symptoms and researchers and decision makers to visualize data and identify hot spots. By tracking social media posts, analyzing public health data, and creating an interactive online dashboard, University of Miami researchers, and others, will have the ability […]

Augmented Reality, Fall 2020

AR Application Explores Spanish Colonial Paintings and Architecture

September 18, 2020

University of Miami art history students have access to an augmented reality (AR) application to explore Colonial Spanish paintings and architecture, thanks to a collaboration between IDSC and the College of Arts and Sciences. Building on the University’s partnership with Magic Leap, this advanced AR application opens the door to virtual studies of the large […]

Fall 2020, Visualization

PCORI Awards Evidence Map Depicting Impact of Social Needs Interventions on Health Outcomes

September 18, 2020

Data specialists at IDSC are collaborating with national consulting firm MDB, Inc., in designing and developing an interactive evidence map displaying the impact of social needs interventions on health outcomes. “Our multidisciplinary UM team will effectively translate scientific findings and data into a visual evidence map to help physicians, researchers, and health insurance systems see […]

Fall 2020, Systems and Data Engineering

IDSC Software Engineering

September 18, 2020

IDSC’s professional software engineers actively seek collaborative partners for new and innovative software application and systems development projects. Core competencies include: • Software Application Conceptualization, Design, Implementation, and Project Management • AI and Machine Learning • Computer Vision, Photogrammetry, and 3D Reconstruction • Drones and Aerial Surveys with a Focus on Urban Spaces • Extended […]