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Fall 2020, Systems and Data Engineering

IDSC Software Engineering

by Helen Gynell

September 18, 2020

IDSC’s professional software engineers actively seek collaborative partners for new and innovative software application and systems development projects.

Core competencies include:

• Software Application Conceptualization, Design, Implementation, and Project Management
• AI and Machine Learning
• Computer Vision, Photogrammetry, and 3D Reconstruction
• Drones and Aerial Surveys with a Focus on Urban Spaces
• Extended Reality XR (Augmented AR, Virtual VR, Mixed MR)
• GIS and Geospatial Application Development
• Multi-Tier Web-Based Application Development
• Participatory Mapping + Community-Centered GIS Development
• Search/Complex Data
• Semantic Web
• Spatial Surveying and Architectural Documentation

IDSC Software Engineering offers expertise for collaborators who need to include novel software systems as part of their projects, including expert personnel for inclusion in grant proposals, and the development of prototypes or initial analysis in preparation for proposal submission.


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