Early Career Researcher Grant

Access to IDSC Resources for Early Career Researchers

Early Career Researcher Grant


IDSC is committed to promoting data science to enhance data science understanding within the University’s research community and offers grants programs by which UM researchers can engage in data science. The basic philosophy of the Early Career Researcher grant is to allow the uninitiated an opportunity to explore the possibilities of data science and computing using IDSC resources to advance their research and educational goals. This is explicitly intended to not be used to service funded research projects. Rather, it is intended to introduce individuals to the possibility of using data science and computing in their research or educational programs.

Eligibility Requirements:  The Program is open to UM Faculty.

The grant includes 90K Service Units (SU) and access to IDSC computational resources for one year. These grants are renewable for one additional year with a second application. The application process includes a one-paragraph discussion of what the researcher intends to do with the SU. Detail on how to gain access to the IDSC computing infrastructure to being using the SU allocation will be included in your award letter. Gaining access to IDSC systems requires the applicant to:

  1. Submit an Application for Access to IDSC Resources for Early Career Researchers
  2. Register as a User to obtain an IDSC login ID.