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IDSC’s collaborative approach brings together talented minds at the interface of disciplines. From creative start-ups to ideas for industry-shaping innovations, IDSC can help you achieve your research, training, or business goals.

Justin Gammage, Director, Data Science Partnerships, University of Miami Institute for Data Science and Computing Justin Gammage is the Director of Partnerships at the Frost Institute for Data Science and Computing at the University of Miami.  In this role, he leads the development of innovation partnerships with local and international stakeholders from business, industry, and the broader community. Integral to these efforts are building collaborations that leverage the University’s Internationally Recognized faculty and research staff, along with its world-class computing infrastructure.

Justin formerly served as the Senior Executive Advisor on Strategic Research Priorities to the Vice President of Research and Innovation at Ontario Tech University.  Prior to joining Ontario Tech in 2015, Justin spent 14 years working in industry on assignments that included both production and product engineering and research.  As Chief Scientist for General Motors Research in Canada, Justin was responsible for developing and managing a broad portfolio of innovation projects with leading research labs and university faculty.  He holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science from McMaster University and is a registered Professional Engineer.

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To collaborate with IDSC, give Justin a call at 305-243-1639.

Justin Gammage, PhD, PEng
Director, Partnerships