Using the Viz Lab

University of Miami Institute for Data Science & Computing Visualization Lab

Using the Viz Lab

Use of the Viz Lab must meet the following two conditions:

• The Viz Lab resources are for purposes that allow insights that would not be possible using a conventional display.

Use of the 2D display to present a map, an infographic, or a protein structure—anything that directly benefits from the size of the display to allow insights to arise—is encouraged. Use of the 2D display to display a presentation that could be done just as effectively with a conventional display is discouraged.

The 3D display wall requires computational input and is specifically designed for utilization by a more advanced user group. Ideal users are a computing experts and computer science and engineering students who seek to develop new techniques and approaches for immersive visualization.

• The person responsible for the session has been trained on how to use the systems.

First-time use of this space requires an Orientation Session with the IDSC support team.  Orientation sessions are less than :30 minutes in duration and are held on Fridays at 3:00 PM. To register for an orientation session, please email

If you are already trained on the equipment, the Reservation Request form is below:


Reservation Request Form

Please enter the date you would like to book the Viz Lab.
Please enter the starting and ending times you would like to book the Viz Lab,

I agree that I am responsible for the use of the space, and that I will follow the rules as outlined in the Viz Lab guidelines:



  • Volume settings should be audible within the confines of the space, not disturb neighboring classroom and offices spaces.
  • If you need to install software, the preferred course of action is to connect your own laptop to the visualization system using available peripheral adaptors. Please do not install software on any of the machines in the Viz Lab.  For assistance with more sophisticated software, please contact
  • Food and drinks (including water bottles) are not allowed in the Viz Lab.
  • Please do not re-arrange the furniture. The layout of the room is set to protect the displays from damage.  Your care is greatly appreciated.
  • Please make sure to close the door when you leave.
  • Should you need technical assistance, please call  305-243-4962.


IDSC Viz Lab Brochure (download) | IDSC Viz Lab Instructions (download)





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