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AI and Machine Learning

Navigating investigations in oceans of data and making discoveries in them is only possible with the use of efficient algorithms. As data grows in volume, velocity, variety, and veracity, so does the demand for efficiency in data science applications. Artificial Intelligence (AI)  and Machine Learning (ML), will streamline algorithms based on algorithmic and methodological developments from the field of artificial intelligence. The computational methods of artificial intelligence aim to mimic human intelligence but also exceed human capabilities, assisting humans in decision making and solving complex problems.

The numerous branches of artificial intelligence encompass machine learning, natural language understanding (spoken and written), computer vision, data mining, human-computer interfaces, data visualization, and, more recently, deep learning. In all these areas, data plays a crucial role as algorithmic innovations are developed from within while taking inspiration from mathematics, statistics, and physics. The applications of these major branches of artificial intelligence are broad, reaching far beyond the traditional realm of science and engineering and ushering in crucial advances in medicine, the social sciences, business, and even the arts and humanities.


Yelena Yesha, Director, AI + Machine Learning, Institute for Data Science and Computing, University of MiamiYelena Yesha, PhD
Director, IDSC AI + Machine Learning Program
IDSC Innovation Officer
Knight Foundation Endowed Chair of Data Science and AI
Founding Director, NSF CARTA



At the University of Miami, Dr. Yelena Yesha is the Knight Foundation Endowed Chair of Data Science and AI at the Institute for Data Science and Computing (IDSC). At IDSC, Dr. Yesha is also the Innovation Officer and Head of International Relations. In this role, Dr. Yesha assists faculty in engaging government and industrial partners to collaborate with the University and consults with faculty on developing research ideas into innovations.

Dr. Yesha was the Founding Director of the National Science Foundation Center for Accelerated Real Time Analytics (CARTA), an NSF-funded Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) that aims to develop long-term partnerships among industry, academia, and government. CARTA partners with Rutgers University New Brunswick, North Carolina State University, the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), Tel Aviv University, and the University of Miami.

Dr. Yesha received her B.Sc. degrees in Computer Science and in Applied Mathematics from York University, Toronto, Canada, and her M.Sc. degree and Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from The Ohio State University She has published 11 books as author or editor, and more than 200 papers in prestigious refereed journals and refereed conference proceedings, and she has been awarded external funding in a total amount exceeding 45 million dollars. She is currently working with leading industrial companies and government agencies on new innovative technology in the areas of blockchains, cybersecurity, and big data analytics with applications to electronic commerce, climate change, and digital healthcare. Dr. Yesha is a fellow of the IBM Centre for Advanced Studies.

Forbes magazine highlighted Dr. Yesha’s accomplishments in technology in a two-part profile:  Part I: Dr. Yelena Yesha: Meet The Tenacious Pioneer Pushing Innovation To Address Real World Problems and Part II: Dr. Yelena Yesha: Pushing Technology Boundaries To Solve The World’s Biggest Problems.


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