Using Blockchain to Empower Digital Government

Yelena Yesha, PhD, Chief Innovation Officer, University of Miami Institute for Data Science and Computing

Using Blockchain to Empower Digital Government

Published in The Proceedings of the 21st Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research, Dr. Yelena Yesha’s Keynote Speech “Using Blockchain to Empower Digital Government” was given on June 18, 2020, via Discord through Seoul National University. The June 15-19, 2020 Conference was titled “Intelligent Government in the Intelligent Information Society.”


Blockchain is the technology used by developers of cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, to enable exchange of financial ”coins” between participants in the absence of a trusted third party to insure the transaction, such as is typically done by governments. We introduce blockchains, describe their concepts, layout the challenges in using them, and discuss use cases from a governmental viewpoint. We find that a certain type of blockchain, permissionless, has not been adopted in governmental settings, and conclude that permissioned blockchains may best be suited to them due to better scalability, lack of anonymity, and better data integrity guarantees.



Yelena Yesha, PhD, is an international leader in blockchain technology. While most people think of blockchain as the “secret sauce” of cryptocurrencies, Dr. Yesha, believes this powerful computational technology has the potential to transform industries around the world.  Read more at