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BIG DATA Conference 12/9

December 9, 2021 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Big Data Conference 2021

Join us for the 6th Annual Big Data Conference on Thursday, December 9, 2021, 2:00-5:00 PM, for an in-depth discussion of creative destruction and the effects of Big Data, blockchain, AI, and real-time analytics on organizational change with some of the top industry leaders in innovation, business, and technology from local, national, and international arenas.

 Thursday 12/9, 2-5 PM | Register Now (free)

Big data, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, real-time analytics, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) are profoundly reshaping our organizations, institutions, and society at large. Besides changing the consumer-facing operations of firms, these technologies are changing supply chain design, operations management, human resource management, and product development. Entire new segments of the economy like the gig economy have sprung up. At the global level, these technologies are driving greater market efficiencies forcing companies big and small to adopt these technologies or be left behind. Businesses, nonprofits, health care providers, government agencies, entrepreneurs, and educational institutions all have responded to these changes and redesigned themselves to survive. Indeed, these technologies are ushering in an era of creative destruction.*

Big Data 2021 topics include:

  • How Big data technologies are disrupting industries
  • How Big data technologies are creating new opportunities
  • How Big data technologies is changing the public sector
  • How to retrain the current workforce for these new challenges
  • How should educational institutions adjust to ensure that people entering the workforce are trained for the AI-driven economy
  • How are augmented and virtual reality technologies going to change:
    • Our homes?
    • Our entertainment?
    • Our work?
  • Will extended reality be a force of good in society?

The Big Data Conference is free and open to the public.



2:00  Welcome
2:05  Keynote Speaker Michael Mylrea “Manufacturing in the Metaverse: A Brave New World of Disruptive Innovation in the Era of Pandemic”
2:40  Plenary Speaker: Alex Moura “Big Data in Banking: How the Data and AI Revolution is Changing Financial Services”
3:20  Break
3:30  Panel Discussion: “Transformation of institutions, industries and government by Big Data, AI and Extended Reality technologies” moderated by Nick Tsinoremas
4:20  Guest Speaker: Ashwin Kumar “ANNOVA—Prediction & Prevention of Negative Outcomes”
4:50  Closing Remarks | Q+A

Michael Mylrea, Keynote Speaker, Big Data 2021

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Michael Mylrea  |  Resilience
Senior Distinguished Engineer at National Resilience
Fellow for Industrial Cybersecurity at University of Miami IDSC

TOPIC:  Manufacturing in the Metaverse: From Digital Twins to Distributed Ledgers of Vulnerable Things in an Era of Pandemic and Cyberwar”  Please join Dr. Mylrea for an exploration of disruptive innovation driving Industry 4.0 opportunities and challenges that are redefining security, manufacturing, and the health ecosystem. This presentation is timely as all modern organizations require a resilient health ecosystem to function. The Covid-19 Pandemic was a grim reminder of our vulnerability as critical ports and transportation ground to a halt, hospitals, and essential services were overwhelmed and critical supply chains and manufacturing were disrupted. While researchers worked to develop a vaccine for a complex, non-linear, evolving biothreat, sophisticated cyber adversaries took advantage of the fog of war during Covid to attack the health ecosystem. An ongoing Cyberwar increasingly targeted healthcare, pharma, and medical device manufacturing, and device supply chains. Ransomware spread through hospital networks, stealthy cyber weapons were launched to steal intellectual property, and misinformation campaigns questioned the viruses source and efficacy of its cure. The following presentation explores how National Resilience, one of the fastest-growing technology companies and biopharma leaders, aims to overcome some of these challenges with disruptive innovation.

Dr. Michael Mylrea is a Distinguished Fellow for Industrial Cybersecurity at the University of Miami IDSC, and a Senior Distinguished Engineer at Resilience, one of the fast-growing technology companies in the US focused on disrupting medicine with innovation. At Resilience, Michael is leading various innovative security architecture and industrial cybersecurity solutions.  Dr. Mylrea is a technologist with 18+ years of cybersecurity experience developing innovative solutions and holds 14+ Infosec and Blockchain patents. He led one of the first and largest federally funded blockchain projects that helped introduce blockchain tech to the national lab system. He has launched and led various tech companies and has held CISO, CTO, CPO, and Senior technical positions in industry and government, including, but not limited to:  GEPacific Northwest National Lab, the U.S. Departments of Energy and Defense, US Cyber Consequences Unit, Harvard Berkman Klein Center, and Cyber Team 7.

Michael has helped influence various standards, regulations, and technology developments through participation in Group of 7National Security CouncilNational Science FoundationNational Academy of ScienceIEEENDIAAAAI, and NIST panels, consortium, advisor boards (Tenable, CyManII, CARTA, Rocky Mountain Institute, EC Council and World Business Angels Investment Forum). He frequently keynotes large conferences and workshops such as RSA and IoT World. His work has appeared in news, journal articles, television, and congressional testimony and is frequently cited in technical, industry, and government publications. Dr. Mylrea is a National Science Foundation CyberCorps Scholar alum, completing his Doctorate at George Washington University (GWU) on Cybersecurity. Michael is a recipient of a number of distinguished awards (Fulbright Scholarship, NSF CyberCorps, Rosenthal Fellowship, FDD National Security Fellowship, Top 99 Future Leaders Award). Michael speaks Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese and is proficient in auditing various computer languages.

Plenary Speaker

Alex Moura, MBA  | Mastercard
Vice President, Insights and Analytics
Advisors Product Management

TOPIC:  “Big Data in Banking: How the Data and AI Revolution is Changing Financial Services”  |  The advent of the internet and the mobile phone brought convenience to consumers and allowed the “digitization” of many traditional products and services. Along with it, came the availability of rich and abundant data that can help financial institutions to improve services, increase customer convenience, and decrease costs. In this presentation, Alex shares his perspective on the opportunities and challenges brought by big data and data science to the banking industry.

Alex Moura, Plenary Speaker, Big Data 2021
Alex Moura is a technologist with a strong passion for innovation and for creating new products that allow people to access new experiences and buy things they need, want, and love. He currently leads Insights and Analytics in Latin America. Main responsibilities include product management of Data Platforms and Advanced Analytics for Mastercard’s Data and Services Division. Alex is recognized as a thought leader in Data Analytics, Digital Transformation, and Innovation. He is also a frequent speaker and panelist at industry conferences and has delivered keynotes on these topics for audiences in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Alex started his career as an Officer in the Brazilian Navy and spent a number of years with Ernst & Young’s Technology and Security Risk Services Group advising clients across a broad spectrum of industries and geographies.  Prior to joining Mastercard, Alex led Royal Caribbean Cruises’ Group responsible for business intelligence and payments.

Alex is a Brazilian Naval Academy graduate and holds an MBA from the University of Miami School of Business.  A native of Brazil, Alex currently resides in Miami, Florida.


“Transformation of Institutions, Industries, and Government by Big Data, AI, and Extended Reality (XR) Technologies”


Nicholas Tsinoremas, Big Data 2021


Nick Tsinoremas, PhD  |  University of Miami
Director,  Institute for Data Science and Computing (IDSC)
Vice Provost for Research Computing and Data

As Vice Provost for Research Computing and Data at the University of Miami, Dr. Tsinoremas is the Director of the Institute for Data Science and Computing (IDSC). IDSC was established to catalyze data-intensive research in fields ranging from medicine to earth sciences, urban planning, digital humanities, and business. Before joining the University of Miami, Dr. Tsinoremas served as Head of Informatics and Chemoinformatics at The Scripps Research Institute-Florida. As Director of Computational Genomics and Genomic Discovery at Rosetta/Merck, prior to Scripps, he directed the project that combined data science and computational approaches with gene expression profiling, high throughput screening, and genetics to discover, prioritize, and define new drug targets and novel therapeutics.  Prior to working for Merck Research Laboratories (MRL)/Rosetta, Tsinoremas was the Vice-President of Genomics at DoubleTwist Inc., where he determined the scientific direction and development of DoubleTwist’s bioinformatics applications and databases. At that time, he also led a team that developed the first annotation of the Human Genome.
Dr. Tsinoremas also holds faculty appointments in the Miller School of Medicine and the College of Arts and Sciences.
The focus of Dr. Tsinoremas’ research is on combining data science and computational approaches in informatics, digital health, clinical genomics, molecular biology, computational biology, and drug discovery to foster collaborative interdisciplinary projects.
Dr. Tsinoremas received his B.A. in Chemistry from the University of Athens, Greece, and his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Leeds, UK.


Lt. Joel Bello, Esq. |  Miami-Dade Police Department
Homeland Security Bureau

Lieutenant Joel Bello, Esq., is an eighteen-year veteran of the Miami-Dade Police Department. During his time he has served as a detective in the Narcotics Bureau, Tactical Narcotics Team (TNT); detective and supervisor in the Robbery Intervention Detail (RID); supervisor in the Gang Street Section, and coordinator for the Multi-Agency Gang Task Force; commander for the Special Response Team (SRT); commander for the Priority Response Team; and is now supervising investigations in the Homeland Security Bureau.

In 2019, Lieutenant Bello graduated from St. Thomas College of Law and is a practicing attorney.  Mr. Bello is an adjunct professor at St. Thomas College of law teaching Cybercrimes Law and Criminal Procedure. He also holds a Master’s degree in performance psychology and has implemented mental skills training into tactical police training.

Joel Bello
Diego Berta

Diego Berta  |  Magic Leap
Vice President of Business Development

Coming from a family of engineers and craftsmen in Argentina’s wine country, Diego was born with an appreciation for raw materials and the artisans that turn rough elements into amazing works of mechanical or fine arts. For him, the startup world is no different. He prides himself in having an innate ability to find rare visionaries and entrepreneurs and then help them turn rough ideas into unique and highly valuable companies.

Diego is a well-versed deal maker in the realm of advanced technology. As the Vice President of Business Development of Magic Leap, considered one of the world’s most innovative technology startups, Diego is responsible for curating Magic Leap’s strategic partnerships and next generation technologies.

Prior to Magic Leap, Diego served as Sr. Manager of Business Development of MAKO Surgical where he was responsible for qualifying and securing intellectual and financial capital for core technology projects. After a successful 9 year run of innovation in surgical robotics and numerous awards, the company was acquired for $1.7B.Diego started his career in the technology world at ThinkEquity, a boutique investment bank that specialized in the medical robotics space.

Diego’s greatest accomplishment in life is having found his wife of 17 years and being the father of two brilliant and loving children.

Margaret Brisbane  |  Miami Dade County
CIO/Director of the Information Technology Department

Margaret Brisbane is the CIO/Director of the Information Technology Department for Miami Dade County. In her current role, she is responsible for leading a team of IT professionals in servicing the technology needs of the County. The primary IT pillars are Security, Platforms, and Applications along with Administration to support all operations. The team provides support to all County Departments including enterprise solutions for Financial, Payroll, Human Resources, Public Safety, Legislative, Commerce, and the PeopleSoft systems. The team also supports document and asset management and geospatial systems as well as major technology projects, including, but not limited to Criminal Justice, Permitting and Code Enforcement, Radio, and INFORMS.

Prior to joining the County, Margaret served as Director of Service Delivery for Burger King Corporation. During her 20-year career, she led the Telecommunications Center of Excellence for various Diageo brands, worked on restaurant systems support as well as Point of Sales system implementation for various domestic and international locations.

Margaret Brisbane, Panelist, University of Miami Institute for Data Science and Computing and Miami Herbert Business School, Big Data Conference 2021
Throughout her career, Margaret has been actively involved in the community and professional organizations. She is currently a member of the Technology Committee for both the Greater Chamber of Commerce and the Beacon Council. She served as co-chair for the Community Services Committee for the FIU Alumni Circle and is a co-chair for the annual United Way Women’s Leadership breakfast. She is the Chair of the IT Women Virtual Mentoring Program and a mentor to one of the scholarship recipients.  She established a mentoring program between the County’s IT department and a local high school IT Academy, currently in its 10th year. She was the Chair for the 2007-2008 Greater Chamber of Commerce Leadership Miami Program and was a member of the Executive Committee for seven years. She was instrumental in developing and chairing the Chambers Youth Leadership program for three years. She has also participated as a mentor to several FIU business students to continually innovate and build their technical and business skills. She has participated on the eMerge Executive Committee and leads the effort for the County’s booth at the annual conference.Margaret holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in International Marketing from Florida International University and a Master of Business Administration with Honors from Nova Southeastern University. She also received a certificate in Executive Leadership from Harvard University. She received the Torch Award from FIU and was name Female Technology Leader of the Year by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. She recently received the “Ones to Watch” award from the CIO Executive Council.
Matthew Denesuk, Big Data 2021

Matthew Denesuk, PhD  |  Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
Senior Vice President, Data Analytics & AI

Matt is the Senior Vice President of Data Analytics & AI at Royal Caribbean Cruises in Miami, Florida. Matt is overseeing the inception, development, and deployment of data-driven and AI-based capabilities across the company. He previously was Chief Data Science Officer, and a founder, of Noodle.ai, which provides AI-as-a-Service to enterprises and industrial firms. Prior to that, he was the Chief Data Science Officer and GM of the Data Science of Excellence at General Electric. He also led Smarter Planet Modeling & Analytics at IBM Research and, was a Partner in IBM’s Venture Capital Group. Matt has BS, MS, and PhD Degrees from MIT and the University of Arizona.

Rodolphe e-Khoury, PhD  |  University of Miami
Dean, School of Architecture
Partner, Khoury Levit Fong (KLF)

Rodolphe el-Khoury is Dean of the University of Miami School of Architecture. Trained as both a historian and a designer, he divides his time between scholarship, research, and practice. He is the author of numerous books on architecture and urbanism, including See Through Ledoux; Architecture Theatre, and the Pursuit of Transparency; Monolithic Architecture; and Figures: Essays on Contemporary Architecture. Dean el-Khoury leads RAD-UM, a research lab for embedded technology and robotics aiming at enhancing responsiveness and resilience in buildings and smart cities. The work of his firm, Khoury Levit Fong (KLF), has won international awards. Dean el-Khoury’s work has been featured in national and international media outlets that cut across disciplines ranging from WIRED Magazine to the Wall Street Journal to the Space Channel to BBC World. He has shared his work through teaching, visiting professorships, and lectures at dozens of institutions in the U.S. and abroad.

Rodolphe el-Khoury
Arthur Kordon

Arthur Kordon  |  Kordon Consulting, LLC

Dr. Arthur Kordon is a CEO of Kordon Consulting LLC and an internationally recognized pioneer in applying advanced analytics and artificial intelligence in the industry with more than 30 years of experience. He is currently consulting several global corporations to introduce and use analytical solutions and artificial intelligence in their business. His current projects include developing cognitive models of the Enterprise, preventive maintenance, energy cost reduction analysis, space analytics. In his previous position as Advanced Analytics Leader at Dow Chemical, Dr. Kordon has successfully applied advanced analytics solutions in various business problems in forecasting, business cycles analysis, price elasticity analysis, etc. He successfully introduced several novel technologies for improved manufacturing and new product design based on artificial intelligence, such as robust inferential sensors, operating discipline, and accelerated fundamental model building. He was granted a US patent and has published more than 70 papers and 16 book chapters in applied artificial intelligence and advanced analytics. He is the author of two books Applying Data Science and Applying Computational Intelligence, published by Springer. He is a co-author of the book Applied Data Mining for Forecasting, published by SAS Press.


Guest Speaker

Ashwin Kumar

Ashwin Kumar  | Jackson Health System
Associate Vice President

TOPIC: “ANNOVA—Prediction & Prevention of Negative Outcomes”  Accelerated Neural Network for Opportunity & Variance Analysis is a complex cumulative compilation of discrete data points through a patient’s progression of care to predict a defined set of negative outcomes, both clinical and financial, and how to prevent them.

Ashwin Kumar is the Associate Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management, Decision Support Systems (DSS) and Department of Research, Opportunity, Innovation & Data Sciences (DROIDS) at Jackson Health System, a nonprofit academic medical system dedicated to building the health of the community by providing world-class care to the residents of Miami, Florida.   He received a post-graduate degree with a major in Finance and a minor in Systems.  Prior to joining Jackson Health System, he worked at Deloitte Consulting in the Healthcare Providers segment under the Strategy & Operations practice.  Ashwin is an innovative executive with 20 years of experience in healthcare, creating complex tech-enabled solutions to drive process improvement and growth in all Revenue Cycle areas, including Health Information Management, Patient Access, Clinical Documentation Improvement, Revenue Integrity, and Denials Management.  His solutions exhibit successful uses of data extraction, predictive modeling, data intellectualizing, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to drive process improvement, improve revenue, reduce operating expenses, prioritize actions and prevent errors in various areas of hospital operations.




Zoom (online)


Frost Institute for Data Science and Computing
Miami Herbert Buiness School

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