2013-2014 IDSC Fellows Make Final Presentations

Group photo 2013-2014 University of Miami Center for Computational Science CCS Fellows

2013-2014 IDSC Fellows Make Final Presentations

Congratulations to our 2013-2014 IDSC Fellows for successful completion of the program. The IDSC Fellows gathered with their advisers to give their final presentations and enjoy refreshments.

Pictured L to R:  Gary Beecham, Zhi Liu, Athula Wikramanayake, Nick Tsinoremas, Stefan Wuchty, Sawsan Khuri, Eric Rozier, Wei Wu, Ben Kirtman, Zachary Brooks, Joseph Masterjohn, Mohamed Iskandarani


 Zachary Brooks  Undergraduate and Foote Fellow, double major in Marine Science and Computer Science, with a minor in Math
Dr. Ben Kirtman, Department of Meteorology and Physical Oceanography
Dr. Eric Rozier, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Project:  Big data analysis methods in climate modeling


Zhi Liu  Graduate Student
Dr. Gary Beecham, Dr. John T. Foundation Department of Human Genetics
Dr. Xiaodong Cai, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Project:  Gene network organization in disease


Joseph Masterjohn  Undergraduate, Computer Science and Math double major
Dr. Stefan Wuchty, Department of Computer Science
Dr. Gennaro D’Urso, Department of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

Project:  Elucidating novel genetic interactions in yeast


Wei Wu  Graduate Student
Dr. Athula Wikramanayake, Department of Biology
Dr. Enrico Capobianco, CCS’ Senior Lead Bioinformatics Scientist.

Project:  Protein networks within the Wnt signaling pathway