Apply Now for 2014-15 IDSC Fellows Program

Group photo 2013-2014 University of Miami Center for Computational Science CCS Fellows

Apply Now for 2014-15 IDSC Fellows Program

The Institute for Data Science and Computing is pleased to announce the launch of the IDSC Fellows Program for 2014-2015. The mission of the IDSC Fellows Program is to inspire a new generation of leaders in computational science by offering students the opportunity to work in a broad cross-disciplinary research setting.  This is  awarded to two undergraduate students and two graduate students per year.  Last year’s program was resoundingly successful, the students gained valuable computational skills, and the program resulted in three continued cross-disciplinary collaborations among the participants and their mentors.

Fellows will have the opportunity to use the University’s world-class high-performance computing facilities for their research, and to work closely with UM faculty, members, and staff.   Fellows are expected to conduct a research project for the duration of the Fellowship under the guidance of an additional IDSC mentor, working in collaboration with the student’s direct academic advisor or PI. Fellows may enroll in appropriate courses for research credits, and will be give access to software or HPC facilities as needed. IDSC Fellows present their work at a final Symposium in the spring.

Applications are now being accepted for 2014-2015. The program is open to graduate students in their second year or above, and to undergraduate students at sophomore level or above, from any department at the University of Miami.  Applicants must be of good standing and have an interest in computational science. Previous research experience is an advantage.

The deadline for submitting an application is Wednesday October 29, 2014.

To apply, please visit contact


(pictured above, the 2013-2014 IDSC Fellows)