Big Data Lunch & Learn, Friday 5/27/2016

hadoop map reduce logo is a happy baby elephant (yellow) leaning on the word "hadoop" with his trunk.. The word hadoop is a baby blue and the words map reduce below are the same yellow as the elephant.

Big Data Lunch & Learn, Friday 5/27/2016

We are in the era of Big Data. Data is being generated by everything around us all the time. The extreme popularity of social media pushes the scale of data even higher in volume, speed and variety. It becomes more and more critical to develop and apply new big data technologies to collect, process, understand data in a super efficient way. New big data systems and analytic algorithms have been developed and deployed extensively in industrial and academic areas. This free Lunch and Learn session (open to UM Faculty, Staff, and Students) will start with an overview of the big data technologies in Hadoop eco-system and the popular tools in big data collection, processing and analysis. It then presents the basics of Hadoop MapReduce, the parallel computing platform which make massive scalability possible. 

Comparison between big data techniques and traditional serial processing methods will be demonstrated with a few examples. In the end of this session, efforts in IDSC’s Advanced Computing towards Big Data will the introduced and discussed, including current big data systems and ongoing research projects.

 Hadoop MapReduce logo

Speaker:  Zongjun Hu, PhD


Friday, May 27, 2016 | 12:00-1:30 PM
McArthur Engineering Annex MEA 202

Light lunch will be provided.