Construction Begins on New Viz Lab


Construction Begins on New Viz Lab

We’re excited to announce that construction on the new Visualization Laboratory is well underway at the IDSC location in the Arthur A. Ungar Building on the Coral Gables campus.


University of Miami Center for Computational Science Visualization Laboratory aka Viz Lab under construction


The new Viz Lab will be at the heart of the third floor and will include two video display walls: a five-screen by two-screen 2-D display (screens are 55″) and a two-screen by two-screen 3-D display (screens are 46″). The 3-D display will require more computational input at the end user level, and is specifically designed for utilization by a more advanced, albeit limited, user group. It is targeted towards computing experts and computer science and engineering students who seek to develop new techniques and approaches to immersive visualization. The 2-D display is more of a plug-and-play, user-friendly display, which will enable a broader section of the UM community to make use of this resource.





rendering for University of Miami Center for Computational Science Visualization Laboratory (Viz Lab


Offering state-of-the-art teaching tools that will enable students to better understand data, the new Viz Lab will feature a 12-person conference table, and a 2-person control station with . The visualization program conducts projects in any area related to the visual representation of information for analysis, communication, and understanding. The goal of the program is to increase awareness of graphical methods that can help researchers extract meaning from complexity and then communicate it to their community or to the general public. Areas of interest are scientific visualization, visual business analytics, exploratory data analysis, news visualization, mapping and GIS, and explanation infographics. Visual representations of data can present complex information quickly, improve cognition, and enhance the student’s ability to see patterns and trends.

 3D features

  • 2×2 Tile Wall Display System: Four Planar Clarity Matrix—46″ 3D LCD—system controlled 2 x 8-core/16-thread processors Video System
  • Video System Laptop Wired Connection Points: Two wired laptop connections with dual-input scaler for each (HDMI or VGA)
  • Audio System: Five 5.25″ 2-Way Speakers, One 12″ Subwoofer, One Surround Sound Receiver
  • Console Control System:  One Crestron Controllers with connection ports to one Apple iPadCrestron Mobile Pro App

3D Display wall Plan-Viz-Lab-Center-for-Computational-Science


2D features

  • Display: 5 x 2 Planar Matrix 55″ Ultra-thin panels
  • XPO4 Video Processor, Eight PiPs, Single Desktop, 9600 x 2160 resolution
  • Display Controller with Enterprise Server 15″ Touch Panel
  • Audio System: Audio mixer with DSP


2D Display wall Plan-Viz-Lab-Center-for-Computational-Science


The University offers courses on Visualization at the Schools of Architecture, Business Administration (as part of a Master of Science in Business Analytics), Communication (as part of an MFA in Interactive Media) , the Department of Geography (College of Arts & Sciences), and at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS).

To learn more about Visualization, here is a video featuring Professors Stephen Few and John Grimwade speaking on Data Visualization and Infographics, respectively.


Places and Spaces: Visualization for Effective Communication, Stephen Few and John Grimwade from UM School of Architecture on Vimeo.


Design and Construction by:
One Pulse Design Studio | architecture + interiors + planning + branding
5880 NE 4th Avenue, Suite 200, Miami, FL 33137

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing consultants:
Franyie Engineers, Inc.
10610 NW 27th Street, Miami, FL 33172

Furniture from:
Empire Office
2 Oakwood Boulevard, Suite 140, Hollywood, F 33020