Cyberphysical Security Research for Biopharma Production and Personalized Medicine

NC State BTEC Trainees from the Singapore Institute of Technology participate in a hands-on activity in the large-scale purification lab during the Hands-on cGMP Biomanufacturing Operations course. 3 female students are crouched around a medical device that looks like a large needle with a plunger. 3 other people are nearby, one shines a light into fluid that is in the lower portion of a clear chamber. All are wearing white lab coats over their street clothes and have caps over their hair, royal blue rubber gloves on their hands, and eye protection glasses on.

Cyberphysical Security Research for Biopharma Production and Personalized Medicine

We are partnering with the Nation’s leading Bioproduction Training and Education Center (BTEC) at NC State to secure non-sensitive data sets that can support research and development of next generation biosecurity and cyberphysical security methodologies and technologies. These relevant data sets enable IDSC to explore relationships between production environment operations, human decision making, and machine learning to significantly enhance the security of multi-party bio-manufacturing.

Topics to be explored as part of this effort include machine learning for the creation and maintenance of digital twins, federated learning, mutli-party computation, hybrid sensing mechanisms for cyber-physical security, and new technology driven governance and oversight policy models. While this effort is primarily focused on topics in the bio-pharma space, research will be relevant to many more critical infrastructure applications.


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