Cyviz Selected for New Visualization Laboratory

Cyviz Solution for University of Miami Viz Lab

Cyviz Selected for New Visualization Laboratory

Cyviz, a global leader in high-performance data visualization, collaboration, and command & control systems, announced that it was selected by the University of Miami’s Institute of Data Science and Conputing as the provider of a comprehensive visual display and control solution for the Visualization Lab.

The University of Miami raises the bar on data visualization with a Cyviz Solution. “The growth of our dependency on data in all areas of science, business, and research has been tremendous,” commented IDSC Director Nicholas Tsinoremas. “This resource will enable UM researchers to start developing new, innovative ways to analyze and visualize complex data.”

Located in the Arthur A. Ungar Building, and available for use for UM research and teaching, the Visualization Lab boasts a monstrous 9600×2160 ultra-wide angle 21 megapixel display solution consisting of ten 55-inch ultra-high resolution, thin bezel LED lit LCD Planar panels; a Cyviz video processor capable of 8 DVI-DL/16 DVI-SL video inputs; and a Cyviz Controller offering a capacitive multi-touch panel to facilitate easily movable and scalable simultaneous content sources (PiPs). The visualization system was built to simulate real-world experiments created with CCS’s supercomputers and enables computational modeling, simulation, analysis, and visualization of natural and synthetic phenomena for dynamic engineering, biomedical, epidemiological, and geophysical applications.

“The work being done by the Visualization Lab at the University is extremely important and impressive,” commented Peter Stewart, President of the Americas for Cyviz. “Visualization is the key to taking vast amounts of complex data and turning it into insightful visual information. We’re very proud to have had our visualization solutions selected by the University of Miami to be part of this endeavor.”