Master of Science in Data Science

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Master of Science in Data Science


The Master of Science in Data Science (MsDS) degree is designed to provide interdisciplinary connections and experiential learning opportunities across all aspects of Data Science and Computing: from Machine Learning to Marine Science, from City Planning to Communications. Students from any academic discipline are invited to explore the possibilities of this degree program, and to consider advancing their careers with the foundational knowledge of how to understand the applications and implications of data in a variety of fields.

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This unique degree is offered through the collaboration of the College of Arts and Sciences,  College of Engineering, School of Architecture, School of Communication, School of Education & Human Development, and the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences.

Six concentrations are currently offered through the MS in Data Science:

• Technical Data Science
• Smart Cities
• Data Visualization
• Marine & Atmospheric Science
• Educational Measurement & Statistics
• Marketing

A seventh “Cumulative” concentration is also possible, applying data science to all fields and tailored to the student’s interest.


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