Scientists Meet With Governor on Climate Change Denial

Dr. Ben Kirtman and other scientists meet with Florida Governor Rick Scott

Scientists Meet With Governor on Climate Change Denial

Florida Governor Rick Scott has been repeatedly quoted as saying “I’m not a scientist” when asked whether he believes in man-made climate change. So,10 Florida scientists sent the Governor a letter referring to the “impact of human-induced global warming.” They mentioned a recent government report that found “unambiguous” evidence that human activities—like the burning of fossil fuels—are the cause.

Florida Governor Rick Scott meeting with scientists about Climate Change in 2014 including Dr. Ben KirtmanIn the letter, the scientists expressed a desire to help the governor understand what’s happening so he can make effective decisions about how to protect the State.

IDSC Deputy Director Dr. Ben Kirtman was one of the scientists who signed the letter. He’s a professor of atmospheric science at the University of Miami, and the Director of Climate Change and Environmental Hazards at IDSC. The group spoke about climate change, why Gov. Rick Scott should stop doubting the evidence, and what should be done to help mitigate the impact.

Click here to listen to the WLRN interview.   SOURCE:  WLRN 7/22/2014

(Pictured at right, 2nd from left is Gov. Scott, 4th from left is Dr. Ben Kirtman)