Ravi Vadapalli, PhD

Ravi Vadapalli, Director, Advanced Computing, Institute for Data Science and Computing

Ravi Vadapalli, PhD

Director, Advanced Computing
Research Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, College of Engineering
Work: 305.243.4529  Cell: 786.913.0584
Office: Room 600J, Gables One Tower
Email:  rxv441@miami.edu


Dr. Ravi K. Vadapalli joined IDSC after serving as Program Director for the Center for Agile and Adaptive Additive Manufacturing and Senior Director for IT Support at the University of North Texas (UNT) in Denton. Prior to UNT, Dr. Vadapalli was a Senior Research Scientist at the High-Performance Computing Center at Texas Tech University (TTU) in Lubbock. In those roles, he helped secure nearly $3 million dollars in external funding, more than $40 million in grant proposals, and more than $230 million in-kind grants for skilled workforce training.

One of Dr. Vadapalli’s priorities is advancing cancer care and research through machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and powerful computer models. At TTU, he partnered with researchers at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and Rice University to accelerate the development of patient treatment plans.

Dr. Vadapalli is also interested in applying advanced computing tools to develop sophisticated climate models involving ocean and atmospheric conditions. Dr. Vadapalli holds a Doctorate in Nuclear Physics from Andhra University in India, and a Master’s degree in Computational Engineering from Mississippi State. He and his wife have two sons.


Curriculum Vita

Citizenship: U.S. Citizen


Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS
Faculty Advisor: Ioana Banicescu, Computer Science and Engineering
Postdoctoral Associate 2002-2003
Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS
Faculty Advisor: Wenchao Ma, Physics and Astronomy
Postdoctoral Associate 1998-1999
Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS
Thesis Advisor: Anthony Skjellum
Computational Engineering M.S. 2002
Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India Nuclear Physics Ph.D. 1994
Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India Nuclear Physics M.Sc. 1987
Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India Physics (minors: Chem and Math) B.Sc. 1985



Feb 2022-present Director, IDSC Advanced Computing Systems, University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida
Aug 2021-Feb 2022 Program Director, UNT Ctr. for Agile and Adaptive Additive Manufacturing, Denton
Sept 2019-July 2021 Senior Director of Research Computing, UNT University Information Technology
Strategic Initiatives Coordinator, UNT CAAAM
May 2018- Aug 2019 Director of Research Computing, UNT University Information Technology
Research Initiatives Coordinator, UNT Office of the VP for Research & Innovation
Sept 2014-May 2018 Sr. Research Scientist, Texas Tech High Performance Computing Center, Lubbock
Jan 2006-Aug 2014 Research Scientist, Texas Tech High Performance Computing Center, Lubbock
Feb 2003-Dec 2005 Asst. Research Physicist (Computational Nanomaterials), Oklahoma State U., Stillwater
Jan 2002-Feb 2003 Postdoctoral Research Associate (Scientific Computing), NSF ERC Center for Computational Sciences, Mississippi State University, Starkville
Apr 1998-May 1999 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Mississippi State University, Starkville
Jan 1996-Mar 1998 Sr. Technology Development Officer (Magnetic Materials), IIT Madras, Chennai
July 1995-Dec 1996 Sr. Research Associate (Nuclear Physics) Council for Scientific & Ind. Res., Delhi



Oct 2020-present Courtesy Faculty, UNT Computer Science and Engineering
Aug 2021-present Adjunct Professor, UNT Computer Science and Engineering
Oct 2016-May 2018 Site Director, NSF IUCRC Cloud and Autonomic Computing Center, TTU
Apr 2014-Sept 2016 Associate Site Director, NSF IUCRC Cloud and Autonomic Computing Center, TTU
Sept 2009-May 2018 Adjunct Professor, Bob L. Herd Department of Petroleum Engineering, TTU



  • Experience 19+ years in HPC and related areas, 3+ years as HPC center director, and 6+ years as NSF IUCRC associate, site, and affiliate site director
  • Graduate Research at national and international facilities and supercomputing centers
    • Doctoral work at Nuclear Science Center – a federally funded and first of its kind facility in
    • Postdoctoral research in Berkeley National Lab, National Superconducting Cyclotron Center at Ann Arbor, and NSF Engineering Research Center at Mississippi State University, Starkville.
    • MS thesis research at NSF Engineering Research Center at Mississippi State University,
  • Grants More than $3M as PI, Co-PI, Senior Personnel, or facilitator, more than $230M in-kind for new academic programs and workforce development.
  • Industry Recruitment 6+ years in industry member recruitment, fostering industry-research partnerships in grid and cloud computing, criminal justice, healthcare, petroleum engineering, high performance computing, and additive manufacturing.
  • Publications in several disciplines: parallel and distributed grid computing, computational chemistry, computational nanomaterials, healthcare analytics, cancer radiotherapy, reservoir engineering, and workforce development.
  • Education Initiatives
    • Application Support Services for User Recruitment and Retention (ASSUR2E) – a student leveraged program for accelerating research IT support (2018-2022). Several students and faculty benefited.
    • University Retention Informatics for Student Engagement (URISE). HPC-led research training for undergraduate sophomore retention. (2020)
  • Faculty/Staff Development
    • Taught/co-taught graduate level courses in computational simulations, Big Data
    • Taught service level physics courses, and
    • Delivered guest lectures in HPC for various domain
    • Participated in extracurricular training programs in bias, equity, diversity, and
  • Conference and Journal Reviewer HPC track Chair, Southeast Symp on Contemporary Engineering Topics (SSCET) 2016, Jackson, MS, High Performance Computing-Advanced Simulation Technologies Conference (HPC-ASTC 2003), Orlando, FL; International Conference on Computing, Communications, and Control Technologies, Austin, TX(CCTC 2004); TeraGrid 2007, Madison, WI and TeraGrid 2008, Las Vegas, NV; and reviewer: Journal of Physics & Chemistry of Solids; Cluster
  • Grant Reviewer DOE and Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF).
  • Strategic Plans
    • (2019) Five-year strategic plan for Research IT Services (for UNT CFO).
      • Key highlights: Increase HPC ROI by 53%, increase engagement with centers and institutes through research computing support, and extended computing in the
    • (2020) Tiered Research and Academic Computing Environment (TRACE) (for UNT CIO)
      • Key highlights. Accelerated research support, partnered engagement with college IT services, harness low-end computing equipment for serial computing and classroom support, and private cloud for spot computing.
    • (2021) Chargeback Model for sustainable HPC services and infrastructure (for UNT VP for Research and Innovation)
      • Key highlights: equipment cost recovery, preferred computing access, and spot computing strategies.
    • Collaborators (on grants, publications, past 5 years): more than 50 at 10 institutions in 3 states



Total External Funding to Date (as PI, Co-PI, or Senior Personnel): $3,035,854
(NOTE: Dollar figure is per grant total, and not specifically credited to me. Includes industry membership dollars generated for the NSF I/UCRC programs)

2022 “Transformational Research and Education through Data Science (TREADS)”
PI with Co-PIs: Benjamin Kirtman and Emrah Celik
National Science Foundation: NSF 22-574: CyberTraining $299,969
2022 “Convergent Graduate Program in Coastal Resilience and Climate Engineering”
Co-PI with PI Ali Ghahremaninezhad, et al.
National Science Foundation NRT 21-536: $3,000,000 (in prep), due 09/06/22
2018-2021 “ASSUR2E: Student-enabled research development and innovations”
University of North Texas: $174,000
2018-2019 “NSF Cloud and Autonomic Computing Center IAB Meeting at UNT”
National Science Foundation (Award#136214) Sub-Award: $16,458
2017-2018 “Criminal and Juvenile Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program”
Sr. Investigator with PI Johnny Jaquess (Lubbock County Jail), Co-PIs: Jeff Dennis (TTU), Nathaniel Wright (TTU), and Local PI Lisa Gittner (TTU)
Department of Justice: $200,000
2016-2017 “NCWIT-Google seed grants for the Extraordinary Women of Computer Science (EWoCS) ACW-W Chapter at Texas Tech University”
Faculty Mentor with PI Neda Tavakoli, Co-PI: Ancajas Claire
Google: $3,000
2016-2017 “Precision Risk Analytics: Exposome Big Data”
PI with Co-PIs Lisa Gittner (TTUHSC) and Hafiz Khan (TTUHSC)
Covenant Health, Lubbock (through NSF IUCRC Industry Advsiory Board): $70,000
2014-2019 Phase-I “I/UCRC Center for Cloud and Autonomic Computing site at Texas Tech University”
Co-PI with PI Alan Sill (TTU), Co-PI: Yong Chen (TTU)
National Science Foundation: $630,331
2014-2015 “Risk and Financial Models in Population Health”
PI with Co-PIs Jennifer Farris (TTU) and Alex Trindade (TTU)
Covenant Health, Lubbock (through NSF IUCRC Industry Advsiory Board): $140,000
2013-2016 “MRI collaborative: Development of a Data-Intensive Scalable Computing Instrument for High Performance Computing”
Senior Personnel with PI Yong Chen (TTU), Co-PIs: Philip Smith (TTU), Yu Zhang (TTU), Xian- He Sun (TTU), William Gropp (U Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Noe Lopez Benitez (TTU), Brian Ancell (TTU) James Abbott (TTU), Song Kang (TTU), William Hase (TTU), and Kameswarao Kottapalli (TTU), NSF Major Research Infrastructure (MRI), Sep 2013-Aug 2016
National Science Foundation: $500,000
2012-2013 “Baken Shale Gas Stimulation”
Co-PI with PI Mohamed Soliman (TTU), and Co-PIs: Rafiqul Awal (TTU), and S. Siddiqui (TTU)
Occidental Corporation: $149,142
2012-2013 “NSF I/UCRC Cloud and Autonomic Computing Center Site at Texas Tech University”
Co-PI with PI Alan Sill (TTU), Co-PI: Yong Chen (TTU)
National Science Foundation: $10,000
2012 “NSF CE21 PI & Community Meeting”
Washington D.C. Travel Grant: $1,065
2012 “Workshop on “Introduction to Computational Thinking and Parallel Perspective
2011-2014 “CDI-Type I: Engineering Massively Parallelized Fluidic Processors: From Data to Predictive Models to Functional Designs”
Senior Investigator with PI Raghu Rengasamy and Co-PI Siva Vanapalli
National Science Foundation: $500,000
2008 “A Kuchipudi Dance Ballet based on Indian Mythology”
(Civic Lubbock) $2,000
“Asha Dance – Traditional to Bollywood”
Local Grants Program, City of Lubbock $900
2007 “India Day Cultural Celebrations 2007”
(Civic Lubbock) $1,200

Total In-Kind Funding to Date (as PI, Co-PI, or Senior Personnel): $234,818,505

2012-2016 “Petrel and parallel Eclipse® for Petroleum Engineering Grid Environment”
PI with Co-PIs Mohamed Soliman (TTU) and Marshal Watson (TTU) Schlumberger
2011-2014 “Ocean Developers Toolkit for creating Petrel plug-ins”
Schlumberger: $287,500 (software grant)
2010-2013 “Co-scheduling and scalability of MEPO optimization algorithms for Reservoir Modeling and Characterization”
SPT Group, Houston: $2,400,000 (software grant)
2010-2013 “LSF batch Scheduler for Petrel/Eclipse® job Management”
Platform Computing: $34,560 (software grant)
2010-2013 “Grid-enabling EnginFrame Web Portal”
PI with Co-PI Alan Sill (TTU)
NICE Italy: $596,445 (software grant)
2010-2013 “Petrel/ECLIPSE based advanced curricular and research training”
PI with Co-PIs Shameem Siddiqui (TTU), Lloyd Heinze (TTU), Habib Menouar (TTU), and Philip Smith (TTU)
Schlumberger: $42,500,000 (software grant) plus $75,000 in training support



In-beam Nuclear Spectroscopy

  • W C Ma, R V F Janssens, T L Khoo, I Ragnarsson, Ravi Vadapalli, et “Competition between terminating and collective structures above spin 40ħ in 154Dy”, Phys Rev C 65, 034312 (2002).
  • Ravi Vadapalli (alias V R Kumar), B V T Rao, V Lakshminarayana, et “High-spin States in 102Ag”, Physik A: Hadrons and Nuclei, Vo. 351, 249-259 (1995).
  • Ravi Vadapalli (alias V R Kumar), V Lakshminarayana, B V T Rao, et ”High-spin states in 99Rh”, J. Phys G: Nuclear and Particle Physics, Vo. 20, 441-450 (1994).

Healthcare (selected, relevant order)

  • Lisa Gittner, Barbara Kilbourne, Ravi Vadapalli, Hafiz Khan, and Michael Langston, “A Multifactorial Obesity Model Development from Nationwide Public Health Exposome Data and Modern Computational Analyses”, of Obesity Research and Clinical Practice, Vol. 11, Iss. 5, 501-626 (2017)
  • Daniel Medina Sada, Susan Mengel, Lisa Gittner, Hafiz Khan, Mario Pitalua Rodriguez, and Ravi Vadapalli, “A preliminary investigation with Twitter to augment CVD exposome research, IEEE Conf on Big Data Computing, Applications and Technologies (BDCAT) 2017, 169-178.
  • Aklanka Mailewa Dissanayaka, Roshan Ramprasad Shetty, Samip Kothari, Susan Mengel, Lisa Gittner, and Ravi Vadapalli, A Review of MongoDB, and Singularity Container Security in regard to HIPAA Regulations.Utility Cloud Computing (UCC Companion) 2017: 91-97
  • Roshan Ramprasad Shetty, Akalanka Mailewa Dissanayaka, Susan Mengel, Lisa Gittner, Ravi Vadapalli, Hafiz Khan, Secure NoSQL Based Medical Data Processing and Retrieval: The Exposome Project, UCC (Companion) 2017: 99-105
  • Ravi Vadapalli, “Healthcare Analytics as a Service”, Dallas Big Data , Dec 12, 2015, Dallas, TX.
  • Ravi Vadapalli, Pablo Yepes, Wayne Newhauser, and Roger Litchi, “Grid-enabled treatment planning for proton therapy using Monte Carlo simulations”, Nucl. Tech. (Radiation Transport and Protection) 175, 16-21 (2011).
  • Ravi Vadapalli, “Computational Radiotherapy with Proton Beams on Texas Grid Computing Infrastructure”, Particle Therapy Cooperative Group (PTCOG) Meeting, Oct 9-11, D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX (2006).
  • Ravi Vadapalli, “Grid Computing Approaches for Intercampus Collaborations in Cancer Research”, Proc. of the Texas Tech Cancer Research Group (TTCRG) Cancer Research Symp., Mar 30 (2007).
  • Ravi Vadapalli, “Data Warehousing Strategies for Predictive Analytics in Population Health”, NSF CAC Industry Advisory Board Meeting, Oct 8-9, Dallas, TX (2014).
  • Ravi Vadapalli, “Insurance Contract Analytics”, NSF CAC Industry Advisory Board Meeting, April 9- 10, 2015, Lubbock, TX.
  • Ravi Vadapalli, Sarang Ardhapurkar, Sasan Torabzadehkhorasani, and Jennifer Cross, “Risk and Financial Models for Population Health”, NSF CAC Industry Advisory Board Meeting, Oct 1-2, 2015, Dallas, TX.
  • Ravi Vadapalli and Annette Sobel, “UAS for Healthcare Analytics”, UAS Lonestar Workshop, Oct 27- 28, 2015, Lubbock, TX.
  • Vivekand Praturi, Lisa Gittner, and Ravi Vadapalli, “Integration of Disparate Data Sources for Real- Time Health Risk Management”, NSF CAC IAB meeting, April 28-29, 2016, Lubbock, TX.
  • Sai Manjula Simhadri, Sarang Ardhapurkar, and Ravi Vadapalli, “Dynamic Data Warehousing with MongoDB”, NSF CAC IAB meeting, April 28-29, 2016, Lubbock, TX.

Parallel and Distributed Computing Applications

  • Ravi Vadapalli, Pingo Luo, Taesung Kim, Ajitabh Kumar, and Shameem Siddiqui, “Grid-enabled ensemble Kalman Filters data assimilation methodology for reservoir characterization”, 15th ACM Mardi Gras:Grid-enabling Applications, Jan 29-Feb 3, Baton Rouge, LA (2008)
  • Ricolindo Cariño, Ioana Banicescu, Ravi Vadapalli, Charles Weatherford, and Jianping Zhu, “Message- Passing Parallel Adaptive Quantum Trajectory Method”, High Performance Scientific and Engineering Computing, Chapter 9, 127 (2004) (Editors: L. T. Yang, and Yi Pan), Kluwer Academic Publishers [BOOK CHAPTER].
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  • Ricolindo Cariño, Ioana Banicescu, Ravi Vadapalli, Charles Weatherford, and Jianping Zhu, “Wave packet simulations using the Quantum Trajectory Method with loop scheduling”, Proc of the High Performance Computing Symposium-Advanced Simulation Technologies Conference, March 30 – April 3, Orlando, FL, pp. 93-99 (2003).
  • Ravi Vadapalli, Charles Weatherford, Ricolindo Cariño, Ioana Banicescu, and Jianping Zhu, “Transient effect of a free particle wavepacket in the hydrodynamic formulation of the time-dependent Schrödinger equation”, J. of Quant.Chem. 94, 1 (2003).

Computational Nanomaterials

  • Ravi Vadapalli and John Mintmire, “Endohedral carbon chains inside chiral single-wall carbon nanotubes”, J. Quant. Chem. 106, 2324 (2006).
  • Ravi Vadapalli, Ben Landis and John Mintmire, “Computational tools for nanostructure simulations”, Mol. Quant. Mech. Conf., Jul 24-26, Cambridge, England (2004).

Reservoir Modeling and Characterization

  • Ahmed Alzhabi, Mohamed Soliman, Ghazi Qahtani, Richard Bateman, and Ravi Vadapalli “An innovative Approach for Fracturing decision in Shale exploration”. SPE-172917-MS (2015).
  • Ravi Vadapalli and Marshall Watson, “Cloud-enabled Federated Data Workflows for Smart Oilfields”, Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG), Sept 24, Houston, TX (2013).
  • Ghazi AlQahtani, Ravi Vadapalli, Shameem Siddiqui, and Srimoyee Bhattacharya, “Well Optimization Strategies in Conventional Reservoirs”, SPE Saudi Arabia Section Tech Symp and Exhibition, Apr 8- 11, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia (2012).
  • Ravi Vadapalli, Alan Sill, Shameem Siddiqui, Mohamed Soliman, and Franz Deimbacher, “Demonstration of the PEGrid environment for Uncertainty based Optimization of Subsurface Reservoirs”, Proc of the SIAM GS11, Mar 21-24, Long Beach, CA (2011).
  • Ravi Vadapalli and Ping Luo, “Grid-enabling message-passing ensemble Kalman filter approach using GridWay metascheduler”, of the HiPC2007-HPC Users symposium, Dec 20, Goa, India (2007).


  • Panelist on “Cyber Economy & Innovation”, Cyber Future Summit 2016, George Bush Presidential Center, Dallas, TX, Oct 28 (2016).
  • Blue Sky discussion on “Healthcare Analytics as a Service” in conjunction with the NSF CAC Industry Advisory Board semi-annual meeting, Dallas, TX, Oct 5 (2016).
  • Industry-Academia Panel on Big Data Market and Opportunities, Rawls College of Business, Texas Tech University, Lubbock (April 2016).
  • Cloud & Big Data Intelligence and Security: Hype, Reality, and Opportunities, Rawls College of Business Texas Tech University, Lubbock. (April 2015).
  • Roundtable on Big Data Commercialization Opportunities through Texas Tech, Rawls College of Business, Texas Tech University, Lubbock (April 2014).
  • Ravi Vadapalli, “Round-Table Discussion: NSF Cloud and Autonomic Computing Center at Texas Tech University: Capabilities, Benefits, and Opportunities”, Soc for HPC Professionals, Houston, TX, Mar 27 (2013).
  • Ravi Vadapalli, “Partnership Opportunities in Petroleum Engineering through the NSF Cloud and Autonomic Computing Center at Texas Tech University”, Soc for HPC Professionals, Dec 12, Houston, TX (2012).
  • Ravi Vadapalli, “Sustainable and extensible approaches for creating a skilled workforce in high performance computing and innovations“, Supercomputing 2010, Nov 16-18, New Orleans, LA (2010).



  • Ravi Vadapalli, Computer Science and Engineering seminar on “North Texas Scientific Computing”, University of North Texas, Denton, Nov 18 (2020).
  • Ravi Vadapalli, Biology seminar on “Opportunities in Biological Sciences through Research IT Services”, University of North Texas, Denton, Jan 25 (2018).
  • Ravi Vadapalli, “Opportunities for Strengthening STEM education, research, and outreach through TTU-TSU partnerships & cyberinfrastructure”, Texas Southern University, Mar 7 (2020), Houston.
  • Ravi Vadapalli, “Emerging Technologies and Innovative Solutions for Petroleum Engineering“, Soc of HPC Professionals, Nov 3 (2010).
  • Seminar on “The Mission and Objectives of High-Performance Computing Center”, of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Mar 28 (2008).
  • Breakout Talk on “Grid Computing: What’s in It for Me?”, OU Supercomputing Symposium, Univ of Oklahoma, Norman, Oct 2 (2007).
  • Ravi Vadapalli, John Mintmire, and Brett Dunlap, “Object oriented approaches for parallelizing electronic and structure calculations of nano & biomaterials”, Proc of the 12th Conference on Current Trends in Computational Chemistry (CCTCC), Oct. 31 – Nov. 1, Jackson State University, Jackson, MS, 184-186 (2003).
  • Ravi Vadapalli and John Mintmire, “High end computing techniques for electronic structure calculations on single and multi-wall carbon nanotubes”, of the OSCER Supercomputing Symposium, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, September 24-25, (2003).



  • PIBS 792: Data Science for Bioinformatics (Summer B), Miller School of Medicine
  • CSCE5300 Intro to Big Data and Data Science, Fall 2021 – present
  • High Performance Computing user training and outreach (2018 – 2021)
  • Graduate courses in computer simulation methods in physics (at Oklahoma State) and Health Physics (at TTU)
2021-present Brahmeswararao Rao Donepudi, MS Student, Computer Science and Engineering
Aishwarya Manjunath, MS Student, Data Engineering
2016-2017 Dr. Sid Bhatti, MD and MS, Public Health
Suprajotsna Jampa, MS student, Computer Science
Vivekand Praturi, MS student, Data Science
Saranya Shanmugam, MS student, Computer Science
2015-2016 Sarang Ardhapurkar, MS student, Computer Science
Sai Manjula Simhadri, MS student, Computer Science
2014-2018 Elaham Hojati, PhD student, Computer Science
Marip Pitalua Rodriguez, PhD committee, Computer Science, TTU
2014-2016 Rrezarta Krasinge, PhD student, Computer Science
2013-2014 Shane Tarleton, MS student, Computer Science
2012-2016 Ahmed Alzhabi, PhD committee, Petroleum Engineering, TTU
Ajeet Yadav, MS student, Computer Science, 2012-2016
2012-2013 Akash Pargat, MS student, Computer Science
2011-2013 Alqahtani Ghazi, PhD committee, Petroleum Engineering, TTU
2010-2013 Abdullah Al-Najem, PhD committee, Petroleum Engineering, TTU
2010-2012 Yugendra Guvvala, PhD student in Computer Science, 2010-2012
2017-2018 Mohak Kant, Junior, Computer Science
2017-2018 Suhas Bachu, Junior, Computer Science
Summer 2007 Corey Petty, Senior, Physics Department
Summer 2019 Bharadwaj Dangeti (IIT Delhi, India), UNT Research IT Services
Fall 2016 Claire Ancajas (Undergrad Senior at TTU), CS4000 DIV
Summer 2014  Hanna Arrington (Undergrad, Linguistics, University of Mississippi)



  • Aug 2-13, 2021 Program Coordinator, REU Summer Outreach Program in Additive Manufacturing
  • Jun 2020-present College of Science Scientific Computing Certificate Program Committee
  • Jan-Mar 2019 Member, IPACS Data Analytics Faculty Search Committee



  • “High Performance Computing responding to disaster”, UNT Research 27, p43-44 (2018)
  • “Researchers explore using drones to expand healthcare coverage”, (Nov 8, 2016), http://today.ttu.edu/posts/2016/11/drone-vadapalli
  • “PEGrid gets down to business” (Jan 2010) Feature – PEGrid gets down to business (sciencenode.org)