Catch the Replay of Mira Marcus-Kalish’s Data Citizens Lecture on Medical Informatics

Mira Marcus-Kalish

Catch the Replay of Mira Marcus-Kalish’s Data Citizens Lecture…

If you missed the inaugural speaker of the new Data Citizens: A Distinguished Lecture Series, you can watch it online now.  Internationally renowned Israeli researcher Mira Marcus-Kalish, PhD, Director, International Research Affairs, for Tel Aviv University spoke on “Medical Informatics—Promise and Barriers towards Precise Medicine.”   The lecture took place on Monday, November 23, 2020, via Cisco webex from 10:00 AM until 12:00 noon (ET).

Watch Now (Duration 01:21:31)

Dr. Marcus-Kalish’s main areas of research are mathematical modeling, converging technologies, and data mining.  Her focus is on disease signature identification, based on targeted analysis of the micro and macro environmental clinical features, using newly developed analytical tools for big and small data analysis to deliver reliable, personalized, and precise medicine for the benefit of society. “The COVID-19 global health emergency has affected physical and mental health,” she said.  “There is also a strong association between stress-related disorders and the development of neurodegenerative diseases. Those connections emphasize the need to collect a broad band of data across countries and continents—while bridging conceptual, cultural, curation, and technology adaption barriers—preserving privacy, and ensuring reliable, advanced analysis tools.”

Dr. Marcus-Kalish has been active in the Brain Medical Informatics Platform, developed by the European Union Human Brain Flagship Project, which collects clinical data from 30 hospital. Her laboratory developed the “3C” Categorize, Classify, Cluster Methodology, which incorporates expert medical knowledge into the analysis of the disease manifestation and potential biomarkers. Other areas of her research include rehabilitation of the discrete sensory motor, learning function, drug toxicity, data mining, and interdisciplinary initiative on “Healthy Aging.”

Dr. Marcus-Kalish was one of the founders of the Dead Sea Research Institute in Masada, studying “Life in Extreme Conditions—A Lesson from Nature.” The focus was on the adaptation and survival of human life and culture at the lowest place of Earth, and the implications for today’s changing climate.

About Data Citizens: A Distinguished Lecture Series

This is a new IDSC virtual series that will include panels and in-depth talks by top-level experts in the field of data science. Topics will include the role of data science in fields like psychology, climate change, healthcare, art, neuroscience, and ethics.

This is event was co-sponsored with CARTA.

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