Revolutionizing Satellite Security: NASA’s Groundbreaking Project

Satellite NASA article Dr. Yelena Yesha

Revolutionizing Satellite Security: NASA’s Groundbreaking Project


Forbes magazine writer Hessie Jones worked with the IDSC Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning team under the guidance of program director Dr. Yelena Yesha to produce “Revolutionizing Satellite Security: NASA’s Groundbreaking Project To Integrate AI, Blockchain, & Nanosatellites.” The article begins . . .

“As part of pioneering the security of satellite communication in space, NASA is funding a groundbreaking project at the University of Miami’s Frost Institute for Data Science and Computing (IDSC) which will enable augmenting traditional large satellites with nanosatellites or constellations of nanosatellites.”

Another Excerpt:

Yelena Yesha“An IDSC Collaboration: NASA’s Strategic Move to Enhance Satellite Security

NASA’s science programs often engage academic institutions to explore national challenges leading to research efforts that produce insights and strategic solutions.

Dr. Yelena Yesha, a Knight Foundation Endowed Chair, Professor of Computer Science, and Director of IDSC AI and Machine Learning, was approached by NASA to help address this critical issue. What resulted is a project to investigate the efficacy of emerging zero trust architectures for small satellite networks and to facilitate the translation of recent research to meet the needs of a growing security problem.”

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