IDSC Services include expertise and products through established University of Miami Service Centers.

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Big Data & Data Analytics

Consultation on big data and bioinformatics analytics projects includes the incorporation of appropriate computational support—including software licenses and analytical personnel for inclusion in grant proposals—development of prototypes or initial analysis in preparation for proposal submission, and expert support and grant writing for proposal submission.


Advanced Computing

Comprehensive advanced computing resources range from hardware infrastructure to expertise in designing and implementing high-performance solutions. Available services include:University of Miami TRITON Supercomputer logo

  •  Advanced Compute Processing service includes initial consultation for services and account set up for use of service units on the supercomputing environment. A single service unit (SU) is equal to (a) 1 CPU hour or 2 GB memory/hour whichever is larger, calculated per job OR (b) 0.5 GB scratch space, average calculated per month. Service Units (SU) are billed per CPU hours or memory per job PLUS scratch utilization per month.
  • Advanced Computing Consulting service includes consultation for the design and implementation of high-performance solutions, scientific programming, parallel code profiling, and code optimization.
  • Advanced Computing Storage – GPFS Storage Provisional storage provided on a per-project basis for a maximum of 4 years.  This storage is attached to IDSC HPC clusters and offers high-throughput and reduced latency on a parallel filesystem.  Minimum 10 TB per project.
  • Advanced Computing Storage – Cost-Effective Storage (CES) Provisional storage provided on a per-project basis for a maximum of 4 years.  This storage is a lower-cost alternative to GPFS storage.  It is intended for data archival and not is suitable for processing, not mounted or available directly to IDSC HPC clusters. Minimum 10 TB per project.

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Systems and Data Engineering

The Systems and Data Engineering team are professionals who work together using established practices—including following accepted and documented coding standards—and conducting code reviews. Systems and Data Engineering provides technical expertise in the areas of systems design, development, implementation, and integration. Consultation is available for:

  • Software Engineering/Development Projects
  • Incorporation of Appropriate Computational Support, including software licenses and analytical personnel for inclusion in grant proposals
  • Development of Prototypes or Initial Analysis in preparation for proposal submission
  • Expert Support and Grant Writing for proposal submission
  • 3D Reconstruction Services Creation of three-dimensional models (often scaled) of objects, places, and scenes in the real world. IDSC Systems and Data Engineering uses both computer vision methods (e.g. SfM) and direct measurement methods (e.g. LiDAR) to create these models.

Machine Learning

  • 3D Machine Learning (ML) Expertise and consulting services for collaborators wishing to apply new and emerging ML methods on their research projects


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