WSBO-2021: Synergizing Biomedical Ontologies Workshop 7/14-16


WSBO-2021: Synergizing Biomedical Ontologies Workshop 7/14-16

This workshop is dedicated to developing tools/APIs for mapping or synergizing biomedical ontologies in ways that fit the current, modernized, technology era.  Conversations will be around the best practices, with an emphasis on collaborative development and dynamic workflows.

Ontologies are standardized, formal vocabularies developed by domain experts, typically in collaboration with ontologists. In the era of big data and AI, they enable finding, accessing, interoperating, and reusing datasets and other digital research objects, in other words, making data F.A.I.R.

As more communities develop ontologies to meet their specific needs, it is critical that we maintain synergy with existing ontologies, especially reference ontologies. Similar, but unreferenced terms create ambiguities that complicate the implementation of the very F.A.I.R. principles ontologies seek to support. The biomedical field is especially rich with similar ontologies, including BAO and OBI, MONDO and DOID, DTO and PR, CLO and BRENDA, UBERON and FMA, and others. Extensive mapping efforts are often required to maintain associations between these ontologies, making integration expensive and cumbersome. No formal process has been established for collaboratively converging and actively maintaining synergy between ontologies.

The goal of this meeting is to stimulate conversation. Join us online via Zoom:

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Day 1: Wednesday 7/14 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT
Day 2: Thursday 7/15 12:00 – 4:00 PM EDT
Day 3: Friday 7/16 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM EDT


Abstract Submissions

We welcome submissions of abstracts of 300 words or less for oral presentations and tool demos.
Submit your abstract here:

Selected abstracts will give a presentation not to exceed 15 minutes plus an additional 5 minutes for audience questions (for a total of 20 minutes).


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