“The Human Renascence in the Era of Robots” with Innovation Evangelist Alberto Levy 2/16

“The Human Renascence in the Era of Robots” with…

As we watch incredible advances in artificial intelligence and robotics, machines get smarter and stronger every day. Some say robots will take everyone’s jobs and we are doomed to live under harsh circumstances, but the reality is that humans are needed more than ever and this is an opportunity for a “Human Renascence”.

Why not allow machines to do what they do better and further develop our human skills? Critical thinking, creativity, negotiation, emotional intelligence, and love, cannot be developed by machines as humans do, yet those skills are fundamental in the construction of our future and in the design of robots.

In this lecture, Alberto Levy Macedo will talk about how we are educated to be robots, and will discuss jobs, ethics in AI, and how to combine technology and humanity for a better future.

Thursday, February 16 | 3:30-4:45 PM


Richter Library, 102B Learning Commons Flexible Program Space
1300 Memorial Drive, Coral Gables, FL 33146

This lecture is co-hosted by IDSC and the School of Communication Interactive Media program, is free and open to the public, and was made possible by The Ribeiro Innovation Fund. No registration required.


About Alberto Levy

Alberto Levy MacedoAlberto Levy is considered an “Innovation Evangelist” by the Harvard Business Review Summit and the Global Shapers program of the World Economic Forum. He is an international lecturer, a technology and marketing consultant, an executive strategist, and a creative soul with the ability to continuously break paradigms with new proposals for an effective and memorable dialogue cross-platform between organizations, governments, brands, and consumers.

An award-winning computer engineer who mixes art with technology to tell stories in non-traditional ways, Alberto has co-founded many startups and has been a featured speaker for Singularity University, TEDx, Indian Institute of Technology, University of California, WoBI, Harvard Business Review Summit, MIT EmTech, and Oracle Leaders Circle, among others. He holds a Master’s in Interactive Telecommunications from NYU.

As an Aspen Institute Alumni and International MBA Professor at IE Business School (Madrid), in recent years Alberto has helped high-impact startups and corporations on 4 continents change the world, in roles such as mentor, advisor, and board member. His active presence is seen not only in corporations and in universities, but also in prisons and active war zones.


Alberto Levy Macedo

Alberto Levy POSTER for The Human Renascence in the Age of Robots lecture, University of Miami Institute for Data Science and Computing and School of Communication Interactive Media, February 16, 2023