MATLAB Workshop, Monday 2/9/2015


MATLAB Workshop, Monday 2/9/2015

IDSC is pleased to announce that MathWorks will again be offering two complimentary workshops  on Monday February 9th. These sessions are independent of each other and will teach two different sets of skills.  You may register for one or both, but please note that the morning session will be hosted in the College of Engineering on the Coral Gables campus, and the afternoon session will be held at the Miller School of Medicine.  

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Medical Image Processing with MATLAB

Monday, February 9, 2015 | 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM
College of Engineering, Room MEA 202

Using MATLAB products you can read and write DICOM images, automate acquisition of images and video from imaging hardware, create custom visualizations for images and video sequences, develop new ideas using a library of reference-standard algorithms and create scripts to automate repetitive tasks.

Using MATLAB to import, analyze and visualize medical images, and to explore ideas and to automate your workflow. Highlights may include:

    • Quantifying regions in medical images to extract meaningful information
    • Developing algorithms and applications to automate your workflow
    • Volume visualization from a brain MRI image stack
    • Measurement of vessel tortuosity
    • Video analysis and neural network-classification of a fluorescein angiogram

Machine Learning with MATLAB

February 9; 1:30 PM – 4:00 PM
Batchelor Children’s Research Institute, Room 508A & B
Miller School of Medicine

Machine learning techniques are used frequently to “learn” the appearance of objects of interest to create more robust and discriminative algorithms. Machine learning is also used to find patterns in large collections of images and to cluster similar objects. Existing MATLAB users will learn about new features for pattern classification, data regression, feature extraction, face detection and face recognition.

In this presentation, discover how to use machine learning techniques to solve practical computer vision problems including:

    • Match objects in live video to visually similar objects from a database using
    • feature extraction and matching
    • Create an object detector to detect and locate humans in images
    • Perform facial recognition to match an image of a face to an existing
    • database using dense feature extraction