Pulley Ridge Project is underway!

Pulley Ridge team

Pulley Ridge Project is underway!

Pulley Ridge is series of underwater barrier islands on the southwest Florida shelf, home to a unusual mixture of corals, algae, and shallow water and deep water species. Studying this mesophotic coral ecosystem’s physical and biological attributes may provide significant economic value to Florida’s tourism and commercial/recreational fisheries.

map of Pulley Ridge

The Pulley Ridge Project is a NOAA-funded, multi-PI project lead by Dr. Robert Cowen of the Rosenstiel School (RSMAS) at the University of Miami. The Center for Computational Science at the University of Miami (CCS) is a major participant in this 5-year, $5M dollar, multi-disciplinary project, and will take a lead in the design, development, and deployment of the project’s Decision Support Toolkit (DST). Project servers will be hosted by the CCS, and a project website will also be created and supported by the CCS. The CCS team is lead by Mr. Felimon Gayanilo and Mr. Christopher Mader, both from the Software Engineering Team at the CCS.

Pulley Ridge flat corals
“We were all blown away by this bizarre, flat, living sea floor covered with blue and brown corals and lettuce-like green algae”