New “WHW” Tool makes Data Collection Easy and Affordable

WHW traffic study video

New “WHW” Tool makes Data Collection Easy and Affordable

Mathias Delpiano R-T , a UM alum, has developed “W.H.W.” a new smart city multimodal measurement tool.  WHW can use a cell phone camera or any other video source (removing the need to invest in expensive hardware) to study pedestrian, bicycle, and other vehicle traffic in an easy, fast, and affordable way.

When combined with their A.I. technology web platform, WHW’s mobile app enables you to submit different types of queries in a flexible, dynamic format. This unique tool offers:

  • minimum implementation cost
  • speed and accuracy in data collection
  • flexibility to take data anywhere
  • web platform to perform data analysis in a simple way
  • image de-identified (protection of people’s data privacy throughout the process)

“WHW is a tool that allows you to count and analyze flows of people, bicycles, and vehicles with your cell phone, quickly, accurately, and at low cost.”


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Case Study
For example, in the city of Santiago, Chile, there are restrictions on citizens moving freely because of COVID, except during the hours of 6:00 to 9:00 AM when people are allowed to exercise freely (running, biking, etc). The following data was collected on one such morning with WHW. There were so many people out exercising they overflowed into the street, resulting in the City banning cars during these hours. This data collected by WHW supports that decision.

WHW sample data collection of pedestrian traffic in Santiago, Chile


WHW is currently looking for help in promoting this tool among potential stakeholders.

Arrange a meeting with Mathias and he’ll show you how WHW can make your data collection easier and more cost-effective!

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