CCS Researcher receives the CINF-FIZ Scholarship for Scientific Excellence

Barun Bhhatarai

CCS Researcher receives the CINF-FIZ Scholarship for Scientific Excellence

Barun Bhhatarai, PhD, along with two other junior scientists, were announced the winners of this year’s CINF-FIZ Scholarship for Scientific Excellence, for their outstanding research contributions to chemical information. The honored scientists were invited to present their contributions during the Welcoming Reception of the CINF Division at the ACS Meeting on Sunday, August 28, 2011 and again at the Sci-Mix session on Monday night, August, 29, 2011.

Barun Bhhatarai (below, second from right) was honored for his contribution “SMARTNames: A new framework to organize chemical structural information based on chemically relevant functional groups”. SMARTNames is an ontological description of chemical functional groups (CFGs), modeled in an ontology leveraging the web ontology language OWL 2.0.

American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting 2011  |  Denver, Colorado, USA

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