Science Drivers for NSF 23-526 Proposal (Area 5: Regional Computing)

Science Drivers for NSF 23-526 Proposal (Area 5: Regional…

Provide a brief summary of your current application area(s). Please include up to 3 recent (last five years) publications in this area for reference. Are you proposing new area that was not feasible before due to computing limitations? If yes, please state it clearly and provide its intellectual merit.
What kind of computing facilities are currently accessible to you at your institution or elsewhere? For example, desktop computer provided by the institution or computing cluster accessible through a collaborating institution, etc. How do you envision benefiting from the proposed computing environment?
Include the software (open source or commercial), run time characteristics (how long it takes to complete one job, and how many jobs you want to run, computing environment (single-core, multi-core, GPU, etc., provide some details—such as single-core on a desktop or single-core on a cluster—if you have any).
If you know, please provide an estimate on the number of CPU-cores, GPUs and RAM (for example, some genomic sequencing applications need up to 1TB or more RAM). If you don’t know, no worries. We will work with you and develop the computing requirements as a part of this effort.
Do you have ongoing collaborations with any minority institutions (HBCU, HSI, and MSIs) in Florida? If so, please list the collaborator name, domain area, and his/her institution. This will help us continue to support your ongoing collaborations.
Are you interested in being included into student/workforce training activities through this proposal? If yes, please provide a brief summary of your experience and accomplishments in student training. You can include courses taught, summer training organized, and/or participated interdisciplinary REU proposals and/or grant related activities for workforce training.
Please list current and pending grants that support your application/domain area.