VizUM Picks Up Where Places & Spaces Leaves Off

Places and Spaces exhibit at the University of Miami 2014

VizUM Picks Up Where Places & Spaces Leaves Off

Places & Spaces: Mapping Science, the extraordinary Indiana University exhibition of 100 artistic big-data visualizations that debuted on the University of Miami campus in September, held its capstone event last week. But it signaled a beginning, not an end, launching the first annual VizUM symposium, a data visualization celebration event.
The 1st VizUM Annual Symposium featured faculty guest speakers Juhong Park, School of Architecture; Alberto Cairo, School of Communication and Center for Computational Science; and Victor Milenkovic, College of Arts & Sciences, and student speakers Chance Scott, a graduate student in geography, on detailed accident density for Miami-Dade County (from 2003 through 2010); Julius Dewalt, also a graduate student in geography, on illustrating the mosquito-borne distribution of malaria in Mali; and undergraduate Luis David Real on the growth of Hispanic populations in Georgia, county by county (from 2000 through 2010).

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Katy Borner speaking at Places and Spaces Exhibit University of Miami 2014 School of Architecture Glasgow Auditorium


Places and Spaces Exhibit FLYER University of Miami 2014